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Roundhouses Jyväskylä NYT project to conclude in spring

The NYT project, implemented by Roundhouses Jyväskylä operators, will conclude in spring 2014. A youth performance called 'Aika varattu' will premiere at the Kisko club at Veturitallit on May 6.

Tickets can now be booked. In addition to the performances, other events related to the project will take place at youth and community centre Veturitallit (Roundhouses).

Roundhouses Jyväskylä is a red brick building formerly used as a locomotive service and repair facility. Today it provides over 2000 square meters space for youth and
other citizens for their hobbies as well as a place to meet each other. The building is located close to a city-center, near the Jyväskylä Travel Center.

Roundhouses Jyväskylä, Address: Veturitallinkatu 6, Jyväskylä
Facebook: VeturitallitJyvaskyla

More information
Tuomas Tirkkonen
A culture club “Siberia”

Information on the tickets
Ilona Kivelä

12.3.2014Satu Heikkinen

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