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City of Jyväskylä becoming a pioneer in energy efficiency

The City of Jyväskylä is implementing several area development projects where ambitious urban planning, a smart urban environment and new community development are creating a unique urban environment.

The international PLEEC project, launched in summer 2013, is creating a model for Jyväskylä for the designing of an energy-efficient, smart city. According to the review made in the project, Jyväskylä is already a leader among smart cities in Europe.

Energy efficiency is high on the European agenda. One of the goals of the European Union's 20-20-20 plan is to improve energy efficiency by 20% in 2020. However, holistic knowledge about energy efficiency potentials in cities is far from complete. Currently, a variety of individual strategies and approaches by different stakeholders tackling separate key aspects hinders strategic energy efficiency planning.

For this reason, the PLEEC project – "Planning for Energy Efficient Cities" – funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme uses an integrative approach to achieve the sustainable, energy–efficient, smart city. By coordinating strategies and combining best practices, PLEEC will develop a general model for energy efficiency and sustainable city planning. By connecting scientific excellence and innovative enterprises in the energy sector with ambitious and well-organized cities, the project aims to reduce energy use in Europe in the near future and will therefore be an important tool contributing to the EU's 20-20-20 targets.

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Laura Ahonen, Development Manager
City of Jyväskylä
Mobile +358 50 5953 911

Lauri Penttinen
Keski-Suomen Energiatoimisto
Mobile +358 440 277666

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