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Jyväskylä's pilot projects: eco-friendly housing, increasing the use of public transport, and improving the efficiency of soil use

During 2013, a total of 14 resource-smart experiments have been implemented in Jyväskylä with the goal of finding good ways of saving natural resources, cutting emissions and increasing wellbeing in the area.

Ideas for the projects were received from Jyväskylä residents in a search for ideas last spring.

Three selected pilot projects starting

Based on the experiments carried out in the "Towards resource wisdom" project of Sitra and the City of Jyväskylä, three pilot projects have been selected to be continued: The "Bussiloikka" ("Bus Bounce") project, which intends to increase the use of public transport; the "Resurssiviisas asuminen" ("Resource-Smart Living") project related to eco-friendly housing, and "Massainfo", which intends to rationalize the use of soil.

Improving the efficiency of soil use

As part of the "Massainfo" experiment, the City of Jyväskylä is developing an information service for a more rational and effective implementation of soil. The value of just the soil coming from Jyväskylä city group's own construction sites and transported into the Jyväskylä area to new sites and for dredging is €1.3 million per year.

Eco-friendly housing

The resource smart housing pilot project begins with the "Viisaasti valaistu taloyhtiö" ("Smart Illumination") experiment, and it also utilises the results of the "Vesipihi kerrostalo" ("Water-Tight Apartment Block") experiment.

Increasing the use of public transport

The goal of the "Bussiloikka" pilot is to encourage residents to use public transport instead of their car. This is done by developing new solutions to support public transport, such as by using taxis for feed traffic and to even out bus traffic peaks.

More information

Ms. Hanna-Leena Ottelin, Specialist, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, phone +358 50 3769499
Ms. Johanna Kirkinen, Leading Specialist, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, phone +358 40 1867107
Ms. Pirkko Korhonen, R&D Manager, City of Jyväskylä, phone +358 14 266 1593, +358 40 565 3066

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