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Logo creation through Relief Printing

The Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre organizes a workshop for young on Saturday 9 November and Sunday 10 November. This workshops objective is to create a logo by relief printmaking.

A logo is a simple strong graphic image, a representation of an idea, group or brand; a visual signifier.

This workshop will enable each participant to explore the creation of a logo through the me-dium of the relief print, a historical method with is still holds reverence in contemporary media culture. The first relief prints were functional; presenting a moral narrative or information as simply and as legible as possible. It was the first mechanically reproducible medium used to disseminate information. In this project students will learn the relief printmaking technique to create their own trademark resulting in a hand-printed logo on Japanese Paper.

The workshop will be concentrated on the printmaking technique; how to prepare plates, transfer hand drawn imagery, how to use and sharpen tools and the method of hand printing. The workshop is led by Irish printmaker Fiona Kelly.

Before the workshop Fiona Kelly will give a presentation about the history and meaning of Logos and Sign Theory to brief and discuss the elements needed for successful logo design. Giving time to sketch and prepare their image.

The workshop is free to enter, maximum number of participants is 8 persons. The language of the workshop is English.

Sign in by email jukka.partanen(at) on Sunday 3.11 latest.
More information by phone +358 50 4622 695/Jukka Partanen

Location: The Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre
Address: Veturitallinkatu 6, Jyväskylä

29.10.2013Satu Heikkinen

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