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Study completed of the economic and social impacts of Neste Oil Rally Finland

The Finnish round of the WRC is a significant source of income for the host city and sporting clubs in the area, the event has a very positive impact on Jyväskylä’s image

Neste Oil Rally Finland has a direct economic impact of nearly 15 million euros on Jyväskylä area. The event organiser invests almost one million euros on local companies and entrepreneurs. The event’s impact on the town’s image is very positive – Jyväskylä is seen as an attractive and international destination for events and tourism.

The impact studies of Neste Oil Rally Finland 2013 were conducted by Sports Business School Finland’s JAMK University of Applied Sciences unit. The surveys were conducted prior the event, during the event, 31 July – 2 August, and after the event, August and September 2013. The clients of the study were the event organiser AKK Sports Ltd., the city of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä Regional Development Company Jykes Ltd., as well as the Regional Council of Central Finland.

The purpose of the study was to gain information in order to estimate the economic and social impacts of Neste Oil Rally Finland on the event area. Information was collected from following target groups: residents of Jyväskylä region, local companies in Jyväskylä, teams participating in the rally, visitors taking part in the event (including VIP visitors), Special Stage organisers, media representatives and spokesmen of associations and clubs. Also media coverage of the event was under investigation (carried out by Sponsor Insight).

Similar study has been conducted previously in 2008. The similarity of the studies allows comparison of results for the most part.

Regional impacts nearly 15 million euros, local investments one million euros – large source of income for local clubs

The direct economic impacts of Neste Oil Rally Finland on Jyväskylä area are altogether 14.7 million euros. Spending during the event was 17 million euros. The impacts have been calculated based on the amount of money spent during the event by the audience, VIP visitors, teams and media. Spending during the event is in line with the results of 2008 study, according to which the economic gross impact on the area was similar, approximately 17 million euros.

The event organiser AKK Sports invested 980,000 euros on local companies and entrepreneurs in Jyväskylä region. The nearly one million euro subcontracting includes, among others, the actual construction of the event area and road repairs, products and services purchased from local companies, as well as compensations for local sports clubs responsible for Special Stage organisations. For the volunteers at the event, around 100 local associations and clubs, the compensations make up a large part of their annual budget: 93% of the respondents estimated the significance of the compensation significant, very significant or extremely significant for the operations of their association or club. Neste Oil Rally Finland employs annually 4,500–5,000 volunteer workers.

Impact on town’s image very positive – Jyväskylä is seen as an attractive international destination for events and tourism

The rally audience, local residents and representatives of local companies all found Neste Oil Rally Finland’s impact on the image of the city of Jyväskylä very positive. Further, all three respondent groups found it very important that Jyväskylä would continue as the host city of the Finnish round of the WRC also in the future. A notable aspect between the respondent groups was that company representatives saw the image benefits more positively than local residents. The impact of Neste Oil Rally Finland on the town’s image is, according to responses of local entrepreneurs, very positive in regard to Jyväskylä as a host city of public events, and as a destination of domestic, and especially international, tourism.

The residents of Jyväskylä found that Neste Oil Rally Finland had the following beneficial impacts: meeting friends and social motives (19%), events and pastime in Jyväskylä (19%), entertainment and amusement (8%), internationality (8%), positive feeling and atmosphere (8%).

Willingness to recommend Neste Oil Rally Finland was especially substantial among rally teams. No less than 96.43% of the respondents were willing to recommend or definitely recommend (75.89%) the event. Of the rally audience, 73% would definitely recommend the event.

Great significance for local companies and business – increase in sales and client numbers

Neste Oil Rally Finland’s impact on sales and client numbers of local companies can be described significant. Of the respondents who found that the event had an impact on the sales of the company or business (72%), 91% estimated that the change in sales was positive. Of the respondents who found that the event had impact on the client numbers of the company or business (86%), similarly 91% estimated a growth in client numbers.

Of the representatives of companies in the region, 78% found that the impact of the event on Jyväskylä’s business was substantial or very substantial. According to the study, the audience of Neste Oil Rally Finland spends the most in food and beverages, entrance tickets, accommodation and fuel respectively.

Coverage in electronic media increased – plenty of online news publications, more airtime in sports news on both Yle and MTV3

The nationwide media coverage of the event in electronic sports news publications during July and August increased compared to 2012: the Finnish round of the WRC gained increased airtime in the main sports news broadcasts on both MTV3 and Yle, as well as Yle TV1 morning sports news broadcast. Also the spectator numbers of national sports news broadcasts covering Neste Oil rally Finland increased compared to 2012. A substantial number of online news of the event was published during July and August: 1,287 news publications by 102 different sources.

For more information on the survey:

AKK Sports Ltd.: CEO Tiina Lehmonen, +358 40 0546 410, tiina.lehmonen[at]
City of Jyväskylä: Communications Manager Helinä Mäenpää, +358 50 5487 422, helina.maenpaa[at]

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