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Jyväskylä-led seminar on urban lighting was held in the Belgian city of Hasselt

The Belgian city of Hasselt was the venue for a Jyväskylä-led seminar on urban lighting held from 17.-19.10.2013. The seminar was the first in a series, and forms part of an European Union project, Light in the City.

Wide range of participants attended the Light in the City seminar in Belgium

The weekend lighting seminar attracted more than 150 participants from 12 different countries. Those present included officials, municipal engineers, lighting designers, architects, politicians, lighting artists and ordinary citizens from European cities. Lighting branch networks were also well represented at the seminar: participants included delegates from Eurotowns, LUCI, PLDA, as well as the twin towns of the host city, Hasselt.

Besides the above-mentioned networks, the event’s partners were the Swedish Public Employment Service, Culture and Media, the Nordic Culture Fund, C2 SmartLight, Infrax, Philips, Sacred Places, Schréder and Tehomet Valmont.

Hasselt and Jyväskylä as case examples

The programme featured introductions to environmentally friendly urban lighting using both Hasselt and Jyväskylä as case examples. The topics examined included Hasselt Lighting Master Plan, the illumination of Jyväskylä’s Äijälänranta, the venue for the 2014 Housing Fair in Finland, as well as Jyväskylä’s environmentally friendly outdoor lighting projects.

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23.10.2013Satu Heikkinen

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