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Music.Info launches - A One Place for All Music

Internationally recognized startup company from Jyväskylä Music.Info Finland Ltd launches, a web-based application for music search and discovery.

A One Place for All Music

Congratulations to the Winners of the SF MusicTech Summit Startup Showcase Challenge!
Music.Info Finland Ltd, the Notable Startup Award at Summit 14 on October 1st in San Francisco

Jyväskylä, Finland – October 02, 2013 - Today we are thrilled to announce that our web service is online. We are making our first steps to the global market with pride and ambition, an effort that is an on-going process, to ensure music fans all over the internet will have access to an extensive, multipurpose music service.

Musicinfo is the biggest music database of its kind globally, with more than 4.6 million artists and over 40 million tracks, a number that is growing all the time. This number is more than what any other website on the market has to offer to-date, because the Musicinfo database integrates the services of the biggest players in this industry. To name a few: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Discogs, SoundCloud, YouTube, Last.FM and Wikipedia's music content. In addition, this service is constantly evolving, scaling to different marketplace needs all the time. This creates a self-developed and independent database, and a complete metadata platform solution for the music industry.

"We have noticed how music enthusiasts could easily get lost in the existing music jungle. 10 years ago we walked into music stores once a week to check the latest releases from our favourite artist, and there, we had to go through shelves from A to Z. Nowadays, existing music services focus only on the purchasing of the music and/or streaming, with no extensive data provided. However, we wanted to bring to those music fans a unique feeling of being part of a professional community. Therefore, we developed - a database, which combines various sources of online information that are aggregated intelligently. While searching for the latest releases of an artist, or just "hanging out" in the world of music, you will also find; songs, lyrics, videos, critics, user reviews, photos, and also related artists from the same category. So we are creating a new and personalised way of finding music information" says Antti Jokipii – CTO and Founder at Music.Info Finland Ltd.

"In the near future our service will be available in many languages. Furthermore, our service is constantly developing new features. For instance, the ability to participate in discussions, edit reviews, and create content. Those features will be available in the coming months. Also we will offer to our users, a possibility to obtain concerts and event tickets as well as other merchandise. is, in a way, a big shopping centre, where every artist has his own place" according to Kari Halttunen – CEO at Music.Info Finland Ltd. service is available at:

For more information:

Kari Halttunen, CEO, Music.Info Finland Oy, phone + 358 (0) 050 340 9911,
Antti Jokipii, Technology Director and company founder, Music.Info Finland Oy, phone + 358 (0) + 358 40 964

10.10.2013Satu Heikkinen

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