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Transportation in Jyväskylä

Local transportation by busses

The busses of Jyväskylän Liikenne Oy take care of the local transportation. Their routes reach all parts of the town. Local traffic Trip Planner gives You advice on the best public transport connection to your destination within city traffic.

See the map: Local traffic Trip Planner for Jyväskylä

The ticket can be purchased from the driver. A season ticket for a month or a ticket for 10 or 40 journeys, where the price per single journey is cheaper, can be purchased from Jyväskylä Region Tourist Office and departmentstore Sokos. Season ticket is personal and valid for a fixed period. Ticket for 10 or 40 journeys is valid for one year and more than one people can pay with the card on the same journey. Single fare allows the person for one exchange of bus within one hour of purchasing the ticket. The booklet for the bus timetables also includes the bus route map. The signs on the bus stops tell whether it is a stop for local or long distance busses.

Bus stop sign for local busses.
Bus stop sign for long distance coaches.

Service transport

The City of Jyväskylä provides service transport (Kyytiveikko and Palveluauto Poimuri) intended for everyone requiring assistance for moving from place to place. The service transport particularly caters to the needs of the elderly and the disabled. When necessary, the drivers can deviate from the routes to the customer’s door, for example. The service transport vehicles are mini-buses with a low floor level for easy access. A trip costs the standard bus fare: serial tickets are available in Matkahuolto on Hannikaisenkatu.
You can obtain printed schedules and a route guide from the Jyväskylä Region Tourist Office and from the Kyytiveikko service transport vehicles.

Driving and cycling


Traffic map: Parking facilities and tariff zones for parking zones (pdf)

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