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Healthcare services

Jyväskylä has comprehensive and good-quality public healthcare. In Finland, the municipality of residence is responsible for providing healthcare services in the municipality area. Every resident of the municipality is entitled to obtain healthcare services provided by the municipal health centres. The public healthcare services are divided into basic healthcare and specialised healthcare.

Basic health care (municipal health centre, maternity clinics, school and student health care, mental health clinics, care for alcohol and drug abusers, oral health care, nutrition counseling, community health care, environmental health and health center hospital) are organized together in four municipalities’ area for 150 000 people by the Health Centre of Jyväskylä Cooperation Area (JYTE).

Specialist health care services are organized by Central Finland Health Care District which is owned by 23 municipalities located in the Central Finland region.

Booking appointment with a nurse

You book an appointment with a nurse or a physician either by telephone or by visiting the appointment booking location of the healthcare centre. Jyväskylä healthcare stations have general physicians as well as some specialist physicians. At the healthcare centre, the customer is forwarded to see a nurse, unless the customer’s condition necessarily requires an appointment with a physician.

The nurses guide and support self-treatment by the patients and take required treatment measures. The nurses advise the patients in the treatment of long-term illnesses and provide general lifestyle counselling for varying health condition situations. In Jyväskylä, nurses are responsible for the treatment of mild cases of infectious diseases.

When necessary, the physician at the healthcare centre may issue a referral to a specialist physician in the Central Hospital. In serious cases that immediately require treatment, the patient is hospitalised also without a referral. You must always book an appointment to see a physician, unless it is an emergency.

Those suffering from diabetes and others with long-term illnesses may receive some treatment supplies from the health centres.

Your health centre

For Jyväskylä residents, healthcare services are provided as a local service. When you need help in the daytime on a weekday, you go to the health centre of your residential area.There are 12 health centres in Jyväskylä: Hankasalmi, Huhtasuo, Keskusta, Korpilahti, Kuokkala, Kyllö, Muurame, Palokka, Säynätsalo, Tikkakoski, Uurainen and Vaajakoski.

Find health centre, doctor or nurse of your residential area according to your address in Jyväskylä here.

Find the contact information of the health centres here.

In the evening, at night and on weekends, you can obtain help at the Emergency Policlinic of the Central Finland Central Hospital, 24 hours/day, phone +358 100 84 884
Central Finland Central Hospital

First aid:

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