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Intoxicant services

When your life or the lives of your next of kin are made difficult by the use of intoxicants, you can contact your social or healthcare station, or the on-call intoxicant service of the Jyväskylän Seudun Päihdepalvelusäätiö.

On-call intoxicant service

The on-call intoxicant service is intended for those who use alcohol, pharmaceuticals or drugs as an intoxicant. The service is an outpatient treatment unit intended for those with addictions, for a user of intoxicants who is seeking treatment, or their next of kin. Entering the service does not require an appointment booking.

On-call services include the evaluation of the service and treatment need, treatment bookings, assisting the person to treatment, ear acupuncture, intoxicant testing, as well as guidance and counselling for the next of kin. Guidance and counselling by a nurse or a social worker is also available.

Healthcare counselling services

The health counselling service is intended for the users of intravenous drugs and their next of kin. The purpose of the service is to reduce the risks of infectious diseases related to drug use.

The customer may have used syringes and needles replaced with clean ones, undergo testing for Hepatitis C and HIV antibodies, have small wounds cleaned, and obtain health information and treatment location counselling.

Healthcare counselling services are available during on-call hours on weekdays from 9 am to 12 noon at the address:

Jyväskylän Seudun Päihdepalvelusäätiö
Keskussairaalantie 20 B
40620 Jyväskylä

On-call duty and consultation telephone (Mon–Thu from 8 am to 3 pm, Fri from 8 am to 1:30 pm)
Tel. +358 14 266 0213

Special services for teenagers

The special services for teenagers provide information, support, guidance and counselling regarding issues related to intoxicant use by teenagers. The special services for teenagers’ intoxicant and drug team evaluates the need for treatment and carries out social welfare and treatment work with the teenagers themselves, their families, and other networks. When necessary, further treatment for teenagers under 21 years of age is planned and guided.

Special services for teenagers: Tapionkatu social welfare station, Tapionkatu 8, tel. +358 14 266 3478

Intoxicant-related information in English is also available at: *

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