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Integration plan

The immigrants moving to Finland will be encouraged to integrate. Integration means that immigrants adapt themselves to Finnish society and acquire new skills, competences and practices which help them actively participate in the life of their new home country.

Immigrants have the right to receive an initial assessment and personal integration plan.

The purpose of the initial assessment is to establish which services an immigrant will need in order to integrate to the Finnish society. You can ask for an initial assessment from the employment and economic development office (if you are is unemployed and registered as a jobseeker) or the municipality (if you are receiving social assistance) .

The integration plan is personal and it will be drawn up after the immigrant has been registered in the population register as permanently living in Finland. The integration plan is usually drafted in cooperation in the Employment and Economic Development Office or with the municipality’s social worker. The immigrant will receive Integration assistance during the integration period.

Integration education, practical training, updating one’s professional skills to the requirements of Finnish working society and participating in the study or recreational activities of different organizations can all be agreed on in the integration plan.

If you have a valid integration plan, your labour market subsidy will be paid to you in the form of integration assistance. It is subject to the same eligibility criteria and payable at the same rate as the labour market subsidy.

The Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration guides integration (Finland's Ministry of the Interior, 2011).

Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration applies to persons possessing a valid residence permit in Finland. The Act also applies to persons whose right of residence has been registered or who have been issued with a residence card under the Aliens Act.

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