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City of Jyväskylä


Jyväskylä has for long been known as a traditional market place in the crossing of major roads and waterways. Jyväskylä is ideally situated in the centre of the country with excellent educational and research facilities. This has made Jyväskylä one of Finland's centres of growth.

Jyväskylä has special expertise in the fields of paper manufacturing and paper machinery, as well as energy production, environmental, information and wellness technology. One of the areas of expertise in Jyväskylä is nanotechnology.

Jyväskylä Regional Development Company Jykes Ltd, promotes profitable business activity in the Jyväskylä Region, provides contacts with regional enterprises and operates as a link between companies, local government and regional players.

Jyväskylä is an active business city with over 6 600 companies and some 61 000 jobs, of which 78% in services, 21% in process industries (refining, finishing, manufacturing), and 1% in primary production.

Biggest employers in the region are City of Jyväskylä, Central Finland Health Care District, University of Jyväskylä, Valmet Ltd and Keskimaa Cooperative Society.