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Jyväskylä seeking benefits from resource wisdom internationally

Experts from Jyväskylä presented the resource-wise operating model employed by the city of Jyväskylä to the municipal managers of the Tartu region in Tartu, Estonia, on 17 May 2016.

“Central Finland has a large variety of training and expertise related to resource wisdom, carbon neutrality and the circular economy, developed currently by the joint forces of the region and also internationally”, says Pirkko Melville, Research and Development Manager at the City of Jyväskylä.
Jyväskylä’s resource-wise operating model acts as a platform for companies in the cleantech field. Educational institutions and companies play a central part in the process, producing resource-wise services and products.

“Even startup companies operate in a rapidly developing global economy. Launching new business requires broad and varied expertise and agile operating models”, says Sakari Oikarinen, Managing Director of the Tuhansien Järvien Uusyrityskeskus association.

“The development of entrepreneurship in the region demands seamless cooperation between administration, working life and education. Entrepreneurship education models, which positively affect attitudes towards entrepreneurship, provide a fine basis for long-term success”, adds Katja Vuori, client relations manager at EduCluster Finland Oy.

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6.6.2016Satu Heikkinen

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