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Jyväskylä is the second most popular cityin terms of migration and number three in terms of city image

According to Finnish people, Jyväskylä is the second most attractive city in terms of migration. Jyväskylä received an average score of 7.64, which is the third highest among Finnish cities.

A little more than one quarter of Finnish people (28%) would be willing to move to Jyväskylä, which makes it the second most attractive city after Tampere. In the previous survey conducted in 2014, the corresponding figure was 23%.

When Finnish people were asked about how likely it was that they would recommend a city to their friends and family as a place to live, Jyväskylä came in joint third place.

Jyväskylä was most appreciated for its leisure and study options

Jyväskylä finished in joint third place in terms of Net Promoter Score. Jyväskylä was most appreciated for its leisure and study options, while the availability of jobs was regarded as the biggest disadvantage.

“It is excellent that Jyväskylä is, year after year, among the best cities in Finland, and in fact, the scores given to Jyväskylä have improved annually in all key areas. It is important that Jyväskylä is regarded as a good place for children to grow up and as a city where satisfaction among residents is high. Jyväskylä is a great student city that offers a high level of services. We are working hard in order to offer enough jobs. The business policy and new jobs are high on the agenda of the municipal administration. The key development platforms of the city – Kangas, Hippos, New cnetral hospital and the city centre – create attractive research and product development environments for businesses and educational institutions. The future is looking bright and the city's economic situation is steadily improving,” says mayor Timo Koivisto.

Survey of willingness to move to cities 2016 in Finland

The Muuttohalukkuus kaupunkeihin 2016 (Willingness to Move to Cities 2016) survey, conducted by Taloustutkimus Oy as a questionnaire sent by post, had a total of 3,648 Finnish respondents of 15–79 years of age in January–February 2016. The survey covered 37 towns and cities.

More information

Mayor Timo Koivisto, phone +358 14 266 1501
Taloustutkimus Oy, Sinikka Törmä, Research Director, phone +358 400 813 563

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