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The traditional Jyväskylä christmas tree raising in the Kirkkopuisto on 2.12

This year the 25-26 metres high tree is cut and transported from the Huhtasuo recreational area to the Kirkkopuisto park (church park) on 2 of December. After the Jyväskylä city's traditional christmas tree is safely lifted into its place at the Kirkkopuisto park around midday, it will be decorated with some 200 led lights and 300 gold-colored decorative balls. The tricky transportation and installation project requires a highly skilled, experienced team and special arrangements like a crane and special transport truck.

Although the park is full of trees a separately transported tree is used as a christmas tree each year. The annual installation of the lights would harm the valuable park trees that much that removable one is used instead. The decorated christmas tree is in place until Epiphany and then it ends up in the wood processing industry as a raw material.

More information

City gardener Mr Vesa Lehtinen, phone +358 14 266 5146, vesa.lehtinen[at]

2.12.2015Satu Heikkinen

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