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Neste Oil Rally to cause exceptions to traffic arrangement in Jyväskylä between 24 July and 3 August 2015

The Neste Oil Rally, held in Jyväskylä on 30 July - 2 August, will once again be seen on the streets and will also cause exceptions to traffic. The major effects will be to the traffic in the city centre, Mäki-Matti, Harju and Lutakko.

Traffic exception in Lutakko will be in place on 24 July - 3 August.

The Harju stage will present its exceptions on traffic from 30 July, 12 pm to 31 July, 12 am.

A tip for Jyväskylä rally spectators arriving in cars

Keep in mind the special traffic arrangements and parking ban in the Jyväskylä city centre and many residential areas. It is advised that spectators arriving in Lutakko use the parking halls and spaces in the Jyväskylä city centre, as Lutakko only has parking in the P-Paviljonki 1 hall, located under Lutakonaukio square, which is available as its capacity allows.

In areas with a parking ban, parking is only allowed on parking spaces marked with blue-backed P signs. It is also advised to keep the off-road parking ban (which is valid in park, green, forest and wasteland areas) in mind when trying to find your parking space. from 24 July, 8 am to 4 August, 6 pm.

How to avoid parking fines

To avoid a parking fine, which in Jyväskylä city area amounts to EUR 60, is wise to follow exceptions in traffic arrangements, allowed parking zones and pay the parking fees.

Notice the closed areas in the Jyväskylä city centre:

  • The Paviljonki area is closed from Friday 24 July, 7 am to Monday 3 August, 9 pm.
  • Uno Savolan katu is closed to traffic from Monday 27 July, 7 am to Monday 3 August, 9 am. Service traffic and driving to properties is allowed with separate permission only.
  • The Satamakatu parking area is closed from Monday 27 July, 7 am to Monday 3 August, 10 pm.
  • The sand lot parking area at Satamankärki will be closed to traffic on Monday 29 July, 8 am and will remain closed until Monday 3 August, 9 pm.
  • Because of the stages in Harju, streets in the city centre, Mäki-Matti and Harju areas will be closed on Thursday 30 July, 12 pm - Friday 31 July, 12 am.
  • The Sepänkatu parking area will be partly or completely closed.
24.7.2015Satu Heikkinen

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