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Sale of Waltti tickets began on 1 June on public transportation in the Jyväskylä Region

The sale of tickets in the new public transport ticket system, Waltti, began on 1 June 2015 at the Linkki service point and online service. The new ticket system features new kinds of ticket products, prices, age and customer groups, as well as tariff zones.

Old tickets can also be used for travel at the former prices and conditions, at least until the autumn, so there is no hurry to replace tickets. You should use up the value on your old travel card completely before replacing it with a new one. Travel time or journeys will not be transferred to the new card or reimbursed, except for annual tickets still valid for a longer time. Save the card fee of EUR 5 by getting and topping up a new Waltti travel card by 30 September.

These ticket changes do not apply to regional and serial tickets purchased from Matkahuolto or school journey tickets. They will be valid for travel on Linkki buses of Jyväskylä Region public transportation if the kilometre specifications of the ticket are sufficient in terms of tariff zones.

New cards from online service and Linkki service point

You can avoid queues by ordering and topping up the new Waltti travel card using the online service at For additional information on tickets and fares, see

The dedicated Linkki service point for public transportation sells and tops up new travel cards Mon–Fri from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Asemakatu 7 (Forum, entrance from Asemakatu and 2nd floor of the shopping centre).
In addition to the online service and Linkki service point, previously acquired travel cards can be topped up on all public transport buses in the Jyväskylä Region (lines 1–39 and 42, not 13M). Sokos Jyväskylä and Matkahuolto at the Travel Centre sell and top up the old ticket system's tickets but not the new Waltti tickets.

The ticket portfolio consists of single, season and value tickets

Waltti single tickets, season tickets (30, 90, 180 days or one year) and value tickets are available. In the future, the range of ticket products will be complemented with a flexible season ticket, commuter ticket and tourist ticket. Additional ticket products will be launched at a later time, such as tourist ticket, students' value tickets and students' season tickets for over 30 days (90 or 180 days and one year).

Season tickets can be used for unlimited travel during their period of validity

Value tickets will replace the 10- and 40-journey travel cards used in the old ticket system, and they are priced lower than single tickets per journey. Value tickets can be topped-up as full tens of euros, EUR 10–200 to an adult's ticket and 10–100 to a child's ticket. The value is valid on the card for five years.

Travel zones are specified for value tickets upon purchase. If the journey differs from this specification, please tell the driver before making the payment transaction. The driver selects the correct zones in the card reader, and the correct price is charged to the value ticket.

A Waltti travel card can be a season ticket and a value ticket the same time. The right to travel is first automatically checked from the season ticket. If you wish to pay using the value card instead of the season ticket, tell the driver before the payment transaction.

Four tariff zones and new age limits

In the new system, the price of the journey depends on the number of travel zones. There are four zones: a single-zone ticket has the lowest price, a four-zone ticket is the most expensive.

You can check the tariff zones from the map service (in the menu to the left, select Linja-autoreitit [Bus routes] > Linja-autokartta [Bus map] > Linja-autojen lippuvyöhykkeet [Bus ticket zones]).

The price of the ticket also depends on the traveller's customer group and age. Those aged under 17 us the Waltti children's ticket. In addition, those aged 17–24 travel at lower rates with a youth ticket. Students aged over 25 will still need to present a certificate of being full-time students and buy the ticket from the Linkki service point. Senior citizens aged 65 or over can travel at a very low price in local traffic from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The price of single tickets will decrease as of 1 June: an adult's single-journey ticket for one tariff zone will be EUR 3.00, previously EUR 3.30.

The new travel card has a green colour scheme

A picture of the new travel card for public transportation in the Jyväskylä Region can be found at

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